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What qualities make a pickleball rating...GREAT?

You play pickleball. Maybe you play tournament pickleball. Heck, you may watch pro pickleball tournaments, but why should you care about the algorithm behind your rating, no matter who you are. And what is an algorithm anyway?


The six-degrees-of-separation of pickleball...connecting you to everyone you have played with, against, and everyone they have played with and against...on a global scale. Now that's a powerful tool.

Expected Value

It's what makes our rating so accurate. By assigning a value to how many points are won, DUPR is able to precisely determine the skills of the players on court, regardless of win or loss.

Half life is a measure of not only number of matches, but also recency. It helps us determine when a player's rating is current and accurate.



Genderless, ageless and global. In fact, the algorithm doesn't even see gender. It just sees how you perform against expectations. What this means is that no matter whether you play in your backyard or on top of Mt. Everest, your rating travels with you and translates to players across the world. Maybe our next top list will be top rated Sherpas!


It's a word that gets thrown around a lot lately, but truly all it means is a set of rules to solve a problem. In this case, the problem of assigning an accurate rating of players. In a sport where such a high percentage of games are played in pairs, it can be quite a task detangling those pairs. That's where an advanced Elo algorithm really helps.

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