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The Largest Amateur Prize Pool in History

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

The Newport Beach DUPR Waterfall Presented by Takeya

DUPR™, The Tennis & Pickleball Club of Newport Beach & Takeya are proud to announce the largest prize money amateur tournament in the history of pickleball ($100K) August 5-7 with the new and innovative event format “The DUPR Waterfall™” guaranteeing players four (4) competitive matches (2 out of 3 games to 11) all within a four hour period.

You do not need to have a DUPR rating to register, but you will need to have at least a provisional DUPR rating to play in the tournament. To register, either claim your account if you’ve played in tournaments, or make one if you haven’t. Players can self-post one match to receive a provisional DUPR.

Brackets by "Tee-Time"

Teams will be placed into groups of sixteen using their DUPR ratings, ensuring fun, fair, “DUPR Neutral” play. Players can play up to seven tournaments (“tee-times”) in the course of just one weekend, each tee-time with a different partner if desired.

Four in Four:

The DUPR Waterfall™ guarantees all teams four matches in four-hour windows.

Prize Money:

Because players will be grouped closely by ability, every team has a real chance of winning. A team that wins their group earns $1,600, with 2nd place raking in $800. The "Open" division on Sunday allows for anyone to play with and against anyone--no gender or age restrictions.

Free Swag:

The first 500 people to register will receive a FREE Takeya stainless steel water bottle.

Also, don't miss the action this weekend June 3-5 at MLP 2022 Austin, Livestreaming on YouTube.

Want to participate in this historic tournament? Please read until the end:

This revolutionary, amateur-only event will be like none other.

  • Play will be LEVEL-BASED, you sign up to the events you want to play (gender doubles, mixed, open) with or without a partner, and DUPR will create brackets of 16 teams based on the team’s average DUPR.

  • Bracket winners get $1600, finalists $800 - because play is grouped by level, everyone will have a real chance at winning!

  • The introduction of “tee-times”. Similar to golf, play will occur within 4 hour designated time windows. There will be 7 over the course of the weekend, so everyone can play in up to 7 brackets, with 4 guaranteed matches in each.

  • The OPEN events: On Sunday 8/7, you can play with a partner of any age, gender, or level. You and your mom could be playing against two senior men. The common denominator? Play will be competitive, level-based, and DUPR neutral across demographics. You DON’T want to miss this event!

  • AMATEUR-ONLY. All players will with a DUPR greater than 5.25 cannot participate

Because the DUPR Waterfall guarantees DUPR neutral play, the tournament director will have final approval on tournament admission. You will be notified of your tee-time (start time) a week before the event start date.

  • Friday 8/5: Gender doubles - play with anyone you want of the same gender. There will be two tee-times/sessions.

  • Saturday 8/6: Mixed doubles - play with anyone you want of the opposite gender. There will be three tee-times/sessions.

  • Sunday 8/7: Open doubles - play with ANYONE you want. NO RESTRICTIONS. You can play with a partner you played with earlier in the tournament, or someone new. There will be two tee-times/sessions

Seniors can play in both senior and non-senior events concurrently so long as they do not exceed the day’s maximum (Friday 2, Saturday 3, Sunday 2).

The first 500 people to register will receive a FREE Takeya stainless steel water bottle.

*It's completely free to have a DUPR account. Sign in, claim, or create account if you've never played a pickleball tournament.

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