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Event Information

DUPR is working to bring the college pickleball experience to as many schools as possible, and that starts by having regionalized tournaments across the nation. DUPR will be hosting the first annual Collegiate Individual National Championship, where players from any school can come and compete in brackets for all 5 events. To conclude the year, DUPR will be hosting the 2023 Collegiate National Championship for the 36 best college teams in the country!


DUPR will be putting on 12 Regionals at Life Time clubs between March and October of this year. All it takes is 2 men and 2 women players from a college to form a team and compete! Your school doesn't need to have an official pickleball club in order to participate. You just need 4 current students and a DUPR Digital Club for your school. Search here to see if your school has a DUPR Digital Club, and if not, contact to have one made for your school. 

Regionals start with group play, and then the best performers from the group play stage advance to the single elimination playoffs. You can watch the Georgia Regional playoffs here and here to get a better idea of the structure.

Scholarship Money (Per Regional): $4,000

Bid Distribution (Per Regional): The two finalists of the team bracket will obtain a bid for their school

Collegiate Individual National Championships

Date: April 14th-16th 2023

Location: Life Time - Fort Worth-Alliance (Fort Worth, Texas)

Total Scholarship Money: $22,000

In addition to Regionals, DUPR will also be starting the Collegiate Individual National Championship in 2023. We want to recognize the best college players, regardless of what school they are from. This Championship will have a Men’s & Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and a Men’s & Women’s Singles bracket for any college student to compete in.

You can watch the Mixed Doubles semifinals and finals here, the Men's and Women's Doubles semifinals and finals here, and the Men's and Women's Singles semifinals and finals here.

Collegiate National Championship

Date: November 17th-19th 2023

Location: Life Time - Peachtree Corners (Atlanta, GA)

Scholarship Money: $31,000

To wrap up the collegiate pickleball season, we are once again having the College National Championship for the best schools in the country. In order to participate, each college will need to obtain a bid. Bids are given out in three ways: Regionals, the Collegiate Individual Championship, and the DUPR Collegiate Council. You can see which schools have obtained a bid by viewing the Power Rankings and looking for the ticket icon.

There will be six pools of six colleges each with equal DUPR in each pool. The top two colleges from each pool will advance to the single elimination playoffs. 


How to Register for Regionals

  1. Contact to have a DUPR Digital Club made for your school, if your school doesn't have one already​.

    • Add a profile picture and description to your club

  2. Contact to have Team Bracket created for your school in the Regional you want to attend, if there isn't one already.

    • You can view all of our Regionals on our Schedule page​

  3. Find a team of 2 men and 2 women players and all sign up using your DUPR accounts in the Team Bracket that was created for your school.

    • The entry fee is $25 per player

    • Any eligible college student taking a minimum of 6 college credits can participate​

  4. (Optional) If you have any players that you can't form a team with, they can sign up in the Open Division with their doubles partner.

    • There are no prizes for the winners of the Open Division, but it a great way to bring extra players that want to come support their team and play some pickleball as well.​



  • A school can send multiple teams of 4 to a Regional

  • Schools are not locked by location and can play in as many Regionals as they want

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Example of Step 1​

Screenshot 2023-03-14 183134.png
Screenshot 2023-03-14 183354.png

Example of Step 3

Example of Step 2

How to Register for the Collegiate National Championship (CNC)

Your school needs to met these requirements in order to participate in the Collegiate National Championship:​​

  1. Participate in a Regional

  2. Obtain a bid (36 available)


Ways to obtain a bid for your school:

  • Finish 1st or 2nd at a Regional

  • Finish 1st in your event at the Collegiate Individual National Championships

  • Be selected by the DUPR Collegiate Council based on a variety of factors

You can see which schools have obtained a bid by viewing the Power Rankings and looking for the ticket icon.

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