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Welcome DUPR Executive Directors

Join DUPR in welcoming our Executive Directors. As an Executive Director, each individual operates and owns DUPR Flex and Team Leagues; runs innovative DUPR events like the Waterfall & Jamboree; and activates their community members and local clubs and facilities. Use the image below to see if you have an Executive Director near you.

Idaho (Sal Alvarado)

South Carolina (Max Easton)

Washington (Pablo Granados)

Minnesota (Scott Buell)

Utah (Brandon Chesley)

Northern California (Carmen Sanz)

Arizona & New Mexico (Chase Distefano)

Michigan (Calvin Bushor)

Middle States (Rick Fortuna)

Maryland (Sam Morris)

Oregon (Aaron Boehme)

Hong Kong (Venise Chan)

Japan (Daniel Moore)

Great Plains (Dave McCune)

Texas (Rich Lopez)

Southern California (Steve Riggs)

Australia (Mike Newell)

Florida (Andrea LaMack)

Arkansas (Cindy Fish)

DUPR is pickleball’s most accurate global rating system trusted by world premier pickleball clubs, professional tours, and recreational players alike. Learn more at

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