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Track and Boost Your Ranking In Your Club, Now In The DUPR App!

The Latest DUPR App Update Features Personalized Club Rankings Where You Can Track Your Rise Among Other Members


We are excited to introduce the latest DUPR app update. We now have rankings for players per club on Digital Club. Members of a digital club can now see how they rank within a club.

  1. Track the progression of your rankings within your club and among its members.

  2. Analyze the development of fellow club members.

  3. Explore the top-ranked players in clubs nationwide.

  4. Play in matches to ascend the ranks within your club.

  5. Identify the leading player in your digital club.

Club Rankings Take Center Stage!

Get ready to elevate your game as DUPR introduces a game-changing feature: Club Rankings and Leaderboards! Picture this – you, your paddle, and a whole digital realm buzzing with excitement as you climb the ranks within your club. It's not just about hitting the ball — it's about owning the court!

Compare, Compete, Conquer

Turn up the thrill as you peek into the stats of other players in your club. Compare your growth, celebrate their achievements, and let the friendly banter begin. Who's the undisputed champ at your college club? It's time to find out!

Nationwide Showdown

But wait, there's more! DUPR isn't just about local supremacy; it's your passport to pickleball greatness across the entire country. Discover who reigns supreme in top clubs from coast to coast. Are you up for the challenge of taking on the best of the best?

Let the games begin!

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