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Top 50 By Region

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

You may never face Dekel Bar or Anna Leigh Waters on your home courts, but how do you stack up against the best pros and amateurs in your hood? Check out the Top 50 DUPR Doubles Players by region.

A little bit about How DUPR Works. DUPR is a modified Elo algorithm that uses a player’s last 30 (singles) or 60 (doubles) eligible matches. The algorithm considers three factors:

  1. Points Won: How many points did you win?

  2. Victory: Did you win or lose?

  3. Type of Result: Was this a self-posted rec play score, a league match, or a sanctioned tournament result?

Here’s the average of all players in the Top 100 in each Region.

West Region (CA, HI)

Atlantic South Region (MS, AL, GA, FL)

Mid Atlantic Region (KY, TN, MD, NC, SC, VA)

Photo by Caleb White on Unsplash

Pacific Northwest Region (AK, WA, OR, ID)

Great Lakes Region (MI, IN, OH)

Mountain Region (NV, UT)

Middle States Region (IA, IL, MN, MO, WI)

Southwest Region (AZ, NM)

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

Mid South Region (TX, OK, AR, LA)

Great Plains Region (MT, ND, SD, WY, CO, KS, NE)

Photo by Mike Scheid on Unsplash

North Mid Atlantic Region (NY, NJ, DE, PA, WV)

Photo by Colton Duke on Unsplash

Atlantic Region (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT)


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