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Top 20 Pro Player Lists 4/13/22

Anna Bright's "bright" spot continues to shine as she moves up five spots in women's doubles to #15. Big props to Susannah Barr moving up five spots to #18. Tyler Loong and Jay Devilliers move up four and two spots respectively.

Over the weekend, Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters took home triple crowns, further cementing their spots at #1 in both doubles and singles.

In singles, Bright made another big jump (up four) after what may have been one of the best women's singles matches (7h22min) we've ever seen against 5th ranked Callie Smith at the Red Rock Open. Parris Todd and Tyler Loong are both holding down the 9th spot on our singles lists, with Loong up 4 spots this week and Todd up 1.






*To qualify for Top Pro lists, players must meet DUPR half life eligibility requirements. The players who made our latest list have a singles half life of over 5.0 and a doubles half life of over 10.0. Half life is based on the principle of exponential decay and measures how many matches you’ve played and how recent they are.


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