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The Men Win the Inaugural Battle

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Each match closer than the last, we were on the edges of our seats all night. The fans may have been overwhelmingly on The Ladies' side, but DUPR had The Men pegged to win with a 1.063 advantage on their Total Team DUPR.

Right off the bat, the powerhouse ladies, Lee Whitwell and Anna Bright put on a great show and an amazing fight, but ultimately, The Men came out on top. Thanks to a lot of great hands battles from the Mumbai Monster, Altaf Merchant and some amazing angles from the "Sher Bear" Ryan Sherry. A close call on the paddle of Whitwell's ATP on game point was called out by Sherry, who ultimately pulled out the win for The Men, 24-22.

In Lineup #2 Corrine Carr and Vivienne David looked comfortable the whole match, but after some unbelievable gets from Rick Witsken and a boatload of silky lobs from Matt Manasse, The Men pulled out another narrow margin of victory (22-20), putting them up 2-0 at halftime.

In the third lineup, Bright and David were able to get some momentum going for the girls, with a confident 21-15 victory against Sherry and Manasse.

As the final matchup, Whitwell and Carr took on the elders, Merchant and Whitsken, who clinched the trophy for the boys, 21-18.

You'll be able to check out the full feed on our DUPR, MLP & APP Youtube & Facebook Channels soon.

Thanks so much to Civile Apparel for providing the uniforms of the evening!

How incredible did those athletes look?

Photo credit: Britton Hardcastle @bhardcastle_media

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