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Steals of the Draft - DUPR Edition

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Premier Level Draft

Steal #1 - Jade Kawamoto: Both Jade and her sister Jackie were major draft steals in the Premier Draft. Jade especially provided a great value pick for D.C. at 29 overall. Despite ranking 6th among MLP women on draft day, Jade was the 17th female drafted. A huge value, Jade increases her team's win probability by about 12 percent per match when compared to the typical 29th overall pick.

Steal #2 - Hurricane Tyra Black: Drafted at 36th overall, right around her draft day doubles ranking. However, since the MLP draft, HTB has shot up the women's doubles rankings to number 12 among MLP women. This disparity between doubles rank and draft position yields about 11 percent win probability added per match.


Challenger Level Draft

Steal #1 - Jaume Martinez Vich: Drafted at 44th overall, he is now the 5th-ranked men's doubles player in MLP Challenger. Given that their 4th round pick turned into the 5th overall men's doubles player in all of Challenger, it is not a surprise that Jaume's ascension yielded about 13 percent win probability added per match for the New York Hustlers.

Steal #2 - Patrick Smith: Despite going undrafted, Patrick Smith is one of the biggest values in Challenger after serving as an injury replacement for Brandon French of the Seattle Pioneers. The addition of Patrick and his subsequent rise to the 4th highest-rated men's doubles player in Challenger provides a 17 percent win probability added per match for his team.

*Player ranking is only relative to other MLP Players*

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