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Pickleball Software and Ace Pickleball Club Join Forces With DUPR To Enhance Player Experience

At DUPR, we believe that fair, level-based play creates the most enjoyable experience for pickleball players and is a key driver of adoption for the sport. Today, we’re proud to announce a joint partnership with Pickleball Software and Ace Pickleball Club to ensure its players can experience the most competitive and enjoyable matches possible, based on the most accurate rating system. This will elevate the game for all players.

“This partnership underscores our unwavering dedication to the sport of pickleball here at DUPR. We are thrilled to collaborate with Ace Pickleball Club and Pickleball Software, uniting to deliver players an unparalleled experience that combines competitive fairness with precise data accuracy,“ said Tito Machado, Head of DUPR.

“Ace Pickleball Club is committed to providing our members and guests with the optimal pickleball playing experience. We’re thrilled to be partnering with DUPR to ensure our players can experience the most competitive, fair, and enjoyable matches possible while helping to drive a high level of accuracy in their ratings,” said Mookie McDevitt, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Ace Pickleball Club.

"Pickleball continues to grow because of a highly addictive community, great software tools for management and the growth of premier facilities like Ace Pickleball Club. Pickleball Software is eager to help streamline the technical side for Ace players by connecting DUPR's Universal standard to the app, promoting competitiveness and growth at every Ace club in the nation,” said Scott Hause, Founder of Pickleball Software.


About DUPR

DUPR is the gold standard in Pickleball ratings and event management, and is the official ratings system for MLP and PPA. In November of 2022, DUPR successfully launched a collegiate pickleball national championship in which 16 co-ed teams participated using the same unique team format used in MLP.

For more information on DUPR, visit the official website and follow DUPR on Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

About ACE Pickleball Club

Ace Pickleball Club is the fastest growing indoor pickleball franchise in the world, with over 50 facilities currently in development across 11 states. Each Club will feature between 8 to 16 regulation size courts in a climate controlled environment, and the membership based club is focused on providing optimal playing conditions for everyone from beginners to experts. Ace Pickleball Club began offering franchises for development in February of 2023, opening their first corporate-owned location in Roswell, GA in July 2023.

About Pickleball Software

Pickleball Software, powered by Sports Carnival Software, is the premier all-in-one facility management solution designed to streamline operations for pickleball clubs and enthusiasts alike. PS empowers pickleball clubs to manage every aspect of their operations to help scale and grow their community. It offers a versatile, customizable solution for clubs to oversee player members, staff, events, court reservations, lessons, leagues and more.

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