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Beat The Dream Team Series Powered by DUPR Brings High Production Pro Pickleball to Tuesday Nights

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Get ready for a new Tuesday night series of Pro Pickleball events featuring innovative formats (rally scoring? Yes, please!), MLP-style lineups, and prize money based on points and games won.

March 22 sees "The Challengers" of Anna Leigh Waters, Leigh Waters, Collin Johns, and Adam Stone taking on "The Dream Team" from Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX of Dekel Bar, DJ Young, Irina Tereschenko and Lee Whitwell.

March 29 features DUPR's inaugural Battle of the Sexes with Altaf Merchant, Matt Manasse, Ryan Sherry and Rick Witsken taking on Corrine Carr, Vivienne David, Lee Whitwell and Anna Bright.

Who are you rooting for?

DUPR: Innovate the Game. Unify the Sport.


Rally Scoring in Games to 21 (Side out scoring when one team gets to 20) Dreambreakers (Ties between the two teams after 4 games go to a singles tiebreaker like MLP) $10 per point won $100 per game won $1,000 per player on winning team

Check out this event and more amazing upcoming events, live streamed for your pleasure — as part of the Dream Team Series every Tuesday night starting Mar 22 at Dreamland Dripping Springs.

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