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Pickleball Night In America Powered by DUPR & MLP

Move over Monday Night Football, there's a new kid in town. Just ask Gary Vee.

Admittedly, I used to laugh at the hoots, hollers, and claps that emanated from the living room as my dad watched football, religiously, every Monday night. Now that's me, every week, watching Tuesday night PB. What can I say? Apple doesn't fall far from the tree 🤷🏻‍♀️

Join us for another thrilling installment of Tuesday night pro Pickleball at Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX. This week we're shaking things up (literally) with a Hat Draw challenge. Details below!

How the Hat Draw Works:

  • Eight names in a hat

  • Draw out two teams, play 2 out of 3 rally scoring

  • After, draw out the next two teams

  • The four winners redraw for the finals...$13,000

Prize Pool:

1st place: $4,000 to each player

2nd place: $1,000 to each player

3rd place: $1,000 to each player

4th place: $500 to each player

You'll be able to check out the full feed on the DUPR, MLP, APP & Facebook channels. And if you missed last week's Battle of the Sexes, check out the full coverage here.

Who's as pumped as these two?

Photo credit: Britton Hardcastle @bhardcastle_media


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