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PNIA - Battle at the Beach - Ft. Myers

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

We are hitting the road and heading to the sandy shores of Ft. Myers, Florida. This week we are

LIVE AT THE BEACH from Beach Boyz (and girls too!)

As always, you can watch us on our livestream from YouTube or Facebook. To catch the action live and in person, contact Beach Boyz. Overflow parking available at Panther Printing next door.


The Details

Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, then two Mixed Doubles

  • Games to 21 - win by 2, Modified Rally Scoring until one team reaches game point (20)

  • Each game is worth 1 point

  • If the points are tied 2-2 after all four games, a singles Dreambreaker will ensue

  • One team first discloses its 4-person singles rotation order, and then the opposing team with that knowledge counter-designates its singles rotation order. Each player then rotates in for 4 singles points, until the tiebreaker has a winner. Modified Rally scoring, in a game to 15, win by 2.

Here's how Modified Rally Scoring works.

You'll be able to check out the full feed on the DUPR, MLP, APP Youtube & Facebook channels. And if you missed last week's Battle of the Venues, check out the full coverage here.

Prize Pool:

$1000 appearance fee per player

+$250 per player for each game won

+$500 per player for winning team


The Players

Team Beach Boyz: JW Johnson, Kyle Yates, Jackie Kawamoto, Kasandra Gehrke

Team Baywatch: Andrei Daescu, Eden Lica, Bobbi Oshiro, Corrine Carr


Check out some great shots from last week's BATTLE OF THE VENUES


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