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PB Night in 🇺🇸 - Battle of the Ages - Powered by DUPR

Depends vs...Dependents?

This week, the old folks, a.k.a. Team Depends are taking on the young guns, a.k.a. Team Dependents in a good old fashioned Battle of the Ages. DUPR is a universal, genderless and ageless rating system and is favoring the Dependents (Team DUPR of 22.130) over Team Depends (Team DUPR of 21.075).

Tune in at the same time every Tuesday, at 7:00 CST, and join us on DUPR's livestream or in person at the one and only Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX.

The Details:

  • Team Depends (Total Age 207, DUPR 21.075) vs. Team Dependents (Total Age 69, DUPR 22.130

  • Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, then two Mixed Doubles

  • Games to 21 - win by 2, Modified Rally Scoring until one team reaches game point (20)

  • Each game is worth 1 point

  • If the points are tied 2-2 after all four games, a singles Dreambreaker will ensue

  • One team first discloses its 4-person singles rotation order, and then the opposing team with that knowledge counter-designates its singles rotation order. Each player then rotates in for 4 singles points, until the tiebreaker has a winner. Modified Rally scoring, in a game to 15, win by 2.

Prize Pool:

$1000 appearance fee per player

+$250 per player for each game won

+$500 per player for winning team

Here's how Modified Rally Scoring works.

You'll be able to check out the full feed on the DUPR, MLP, APP Youtube & Facebook channels.


The Players:

Team Dependents:

  • Hayden Patriquin

  • Wyatt Stone

  • Sydney Sonday

  • Ivy Tschetter

Team Depends:

  • Rick Witsken

  • Lee Whitwell

  • Rich "Thunder" Lopez

  • Eva Welsher

Who are you pulling for? Tune in at 7pm Central and comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts with who you think will win...


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