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How New User Rating Initialization Works

Updated: Aug 11

At DUPR, we're dedicated to continuously refining the player experience. Thanks to invaluable feedback from our community, we've redesigned how we assess a player's skill level upon their entry into DUPR, improving the experience for new players, their teammates, and opponents alike.

With that being said, we are thrilled to announce this new system is going live Friday, August 4.

So, how does our improved process unfold for new players? Let's delve into our revamped and enhanced player rating initialization system.

1. The "NR" Phase and What It Means

When a player creates their account, our system gives them the rating “NR” (No Rating). Think of this as a placeholder, a starting point as we begin to gather data about their performance. Once a player logs their first match, whether it's a singles or doubles game, it sets in motion a carefully designed mechanism to create their initial rating for that match type.

2. The Countdown Begins!

From the moment a player plays their first match, a timer kicks into action. The essence of this timer is twofold:

  • It patiently waits for 7 days after the player's debut match in the respective format

  • It diligently observes the type and quality of matches the player engages in during this time

3. Earning Your Rating

Every match a player plays in the 7 day span contributes points towards shedding their "NR" status. However, not all matches are weighed equally–some matches provide more information than others based on the rating status of the opponents! The value of a match is determined based on the familiarity of the players involved. Here's the rundown:

  • 1 Point - If our new player is the only 'unknown' entity in a match.

  • 0.5 Points - If the new player's teammate also does not have a rating, but the entire opponent team does.

  • 0.25 Points - If the teammate has a rating, but one opponent still does not.

  • 0.125 Points - When only one player in the entire match has a known rating.

  • 0.0625 Points - In matches where every participant's rating is up in the air.

The target? Accumulate 3 points. Once you do, you’ll wake up the following day with a rating! If you can’t manage to get to 3 points, that’s okay, we’ll give you our best guess once you wake up on the 8th day, but the more you play the better our guess will be for you and the quicker your rating will hone in on the truth.

So go ahead, play that extra match on the court today. It’s for a good cause!

4. Crunching The Numbers

Once our system identifies its time, it meticulously analyzes all the matches the player has been a part of, understanding the dynamics and performance levels. Using sophisticated algorithms analyzing the network effect of the pickleball community, it estimates the most accurate representation of a player's skill based on the information we have.

5. What About The Others?

You might wonder, "What about the ratings of the other players?" We ensure the sanctity of the existing ratings. If a match involves an unknown player, it doesn't affect the ratings of the others involved. It's only after the new player gets their initial rating that the system recalculates match outcomes. This ensures fairness across the board and addresses an important issue raised by the community. Not only will new players be more accurately rated once they are rated, but existing players on the app can bring new players into the game without any worry over their existing rating!

6. A New Dawn

With the number crunching complete, the player sheds their "NR" and steps into the DUPR world with their new rating, ready to climb up the ranks, challenge peers and watch their rating change in real-time match by match.

7. Going Live & Future Updates

Furthermore, keep an eye out for upcoming mobile app / algo updates as we listen and respond to the feedback from the community. It’s important we release this algo change promptly, and the app updates will follow. These app updates will be specifically designed to seamlessly guide our new users through this improved initialization process.

Get ready for an even better DUPR experience and go get your friends on the court! There’s never been a better time to start playing pickleball!

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