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New Top 50 Doubles By Region (Top 25 Singles)

It's round 4 of our most popular and biggest list: DUPR by Region.

It's the 12 USA Pickleball Regions--plus the UK and Canada. See who the Top 50 Men and Top 50 Women are, grouped by where they call home.

As a reminder, we use the 12 USA Pickleball Regions, so if you're curious why Colorado isn't in "Mountain" or where we came up with "North Mid Atlantic" as a region...well, we didn't. Here's the map of regions from our last regional list as well as some more information about How DUPR is calculated.

The regions are listed in order of the average DUPR of the Top 100 Overall--followed by our lists of the UK and Canada.


Please email for any inquiries or corrections about our Regional Lists.

Click the map for our Rankings page with the full lists.

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