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MLP Presents Pickleball Night in America: Red (White) & Blue

America the Beautiful, you're in for a show.

This week's PNIA features some recent medalists from this weeks APP Cincinnati event. Fresh off her silver medal in mixed, Andrea Koop will be teaming up with Lina Padegimaite, Chuck Taylor and Austin Gridley for Team Red. Rising star Lina Padegimaite fought her way to a podium twice this week with a silver medal in women's doubles and a bronze in mixed doubles alongside Team Blue's Stefan Auvergne. Auvergne is joined by veteran pros Adam Stone, Vivienne David and Corrine Carr. Think you'll see Stone and Carr on the same court? Think again.

Tune in at the same time every Tuesday, at 7:00 CST, and join us on DUPR's livestream or in person at the one and only Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX.

The Details:

  • Team Blue (22.964) vs Team Red (22. 967)

  • Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, then two Mixed Doubles

  • Games to 21 - win by 2, Modified Rally Scoring until one team reaches game point (20)

  • Each game is worth 1 point

  • If the points are tied 2-2 after all four games, a singles Dreambreaker will ensue

  • One team first discloses its 4-person singles rotation order, and then the opposing team with that knowledge counter-designates its singles rotation order. Each player then rotates in for 4 singles points, until the tiebreaker has a winner. Modified Rally scoring, in a game to 15, win by 2.

Prize Pool:

$1000 appearance fee per player

+$250 per player for each game won

+$500 per player for winning team

Here's how Modified Rally Scoring works.

You'll be able to check out the full feed on the DUPR, MLP, APP Youtube & Facebook channels.


The Players:

Team Blue (22.964)

Team Red (22. 967)

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