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Meet Liz & Emilie, two friends who grew up together and are forever pickleball partners

Liz and Emilie started to play pickleball as a weekly getaway. It is easy to forget the need to refresh and have fun, especially as busy, working moms.

Their inspiring motto, “Try Harder,” applies to their daily routine with family, work, and pickleball. The two friends love traveling and competing against players of different backgrounds, ages, genders, and abilities.

With the DUPR Waterfall format, of four competitive matches all within a four-hour period, they've discovered how to make the most of their time and be able to play pickleball and still return to work or other commitments afterward.

Liz and Emilie's friendship is a reminder that pickleball is a way to create memories, as well as build and maintain lasting friendships. They support each other, compete, and strengthen their bond on and off-court.

What do you like the most about pickleball?

"The competition is fun, meeting different people from all over. We played in a bunch of different states. It has been a really fun adventure getting to see and meet new people," said Liz.
"You get your energy out; you get to do something where you lose yourself. We laugh every single time that we get out there, and we just have fun," said Emilie.

How was your first experience playing at a Waterfall event?

"I like the quickness of it. There was not a lot of downtime, which was nice. We played four matches within an hour; that constant play was really beneficial. Even when we were not playing, they had courts reserved where we could warm up and continue to play. It was a really positive experience, " said Liz.

"Also, when people would lose, they could play on the other courts. It is not like all of sudden you had to just leave, and you could still enjoy the whole experience of the Waterfall," said Emilie.

What have you enjoyed most about the Waterfall format?

"The DUPR Waterfalls are great to be able to play, have fun, and be comfortable with yourself. I feel like it's not as much of a competition where people are shoving the ball down your throat and thinking they're better than you or you're better than me. And it moves quickly and it's fast which is a big deal, especially when you have to fit things into your busy schedule. We have our kids but we can still do things for ourselves," said Emilie.

"With these DUPR Waterfall tournaments, I was still able to go to work that afternoon after a morning tournament, so that's pretty awesome," said Liz.

How has the DUPR rating system enhanced your pickleball experience?

"I do like the idea that with DUPR, it's genderless and ageless. It really is strictly a rating. It gives more competition, especially when it is the two of us against two guys who are younger than us and look like they are in a lot better shape, but it is the rating system that keeps everything leveled, which is fun and makes us play better," said Liz.

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View the full video story on our YouTube channel.

Learn more about the Waterfall format here.

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