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Introducing the DUPR Rating Assessment Clinic with Collin Johns and Sonny Tannan

Collin Johns (above left), top 10 pickleball player in the world by DUPR and Sonny Tannan (above right), have joined forces to introduce their proprietary rating assessment clinic to get players rated with DUPR in a fast, fun format.

What to expect:

Collin and Sonny’s assessment uses the objective DUPR algorithm to evaluate the maximum number of players in the shortest amount of time while removing the subjectivity of human opinion. Participants receive a provisional DUPR by competing against a variety of players. Players of all levels are welcome to participate.


  • Find a starting point for brand new players.

  • Playing your first tournament? Find out which bracket to enter.

  • Play against a variety of different opponents.

  • Everyone leaves with a provisional DUPR rating.

Use the link below to learn more about Collin and Sonny's rating assessment clinic.

DUPR is pickleball’s most accurate global rating system trusted by world premier pickleball clubs, professional tours, and recreational players alike. Learn more at

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