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DUPR Top Player Lists: March 22, 2022

Spring has seen a new world #1 in men's singles and Anna Leigh is dominating both singles and doubles. Our list involves a new measurement of accuracy and recency we like to call "Half Life". The players who made our latest list have a singles half life of over 5.0 and a doubles half life of over 20.0.


Some new names have been topping the brackets over the last few months. Among them Federico Staksrud, Julian Arnold and Jake Kusmider have been turning some heads and taking down some formidable opponents. Look for more great singles action from that group. Also worth noting, Dekel Bar has not been playing many singles matches as of late. Let's hope to see him in the bracket again soon as we know the Israeli comes packing a punch.

On the women's side, Anna Bright has made some waves and grabbed a few spots on the APP podium this year. Hopefully we'll see her continued growth as a player as she sure comes out firing.


Young guns dominate the top 3 with Ben, Jw, and Dylan all under the age of 25. Look for more rising stars like Thomas Wilson who has been making waves on the doubles court with his cousin, AJ Koller.

Anna Leigh Waters has continued her top performance in doubles with Ben by her side in mixed and Momma Leigh holding steady at #2. Former number one Simone Jardim as dropped to #9 as of late, finding herself some new mixed partners in JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier. Pay close attention to both the Kawamoto Sisters and Anna Bright who continues to make some waves in her first year of competing.

Send us an email at with the next top list you’d like to see. We love to hear from our PB data diehards. 🤓🧐

Do you see someone who should be on the list but is missing? Encourage them to create a free DUPR profile and start posting scores today, or if they already have tournament results but are missing--drop us a line at


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