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DUPR's Battle of the Sexes

Streaming live at 7pm CST on March 29th, 2022

From the DUPR, MLP & APP Youtube & Facebook Channels

Why Battle of the Sexes?

  • DUPR is a universal scale that is genderless and ageless.

  • This means it can power unique events like the Battle of the Sexes where the selected men and women have very similar DUPR ratings.

  • DUPR is built for the Pickleball Community:

  • A forward thinking, inclusive community deserves a rating to match. With DUPR, all players regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill are rated on the same scale between 2.000-8.000.


A magical thing called, "Connectivity." The algorithm learns by experiencing match ups and pairings that it doesn't see on a "normal" basis. It is events like Battle of the Sexes that help the algorithm grow even smarter.

Meet the Teams

Representing the ladies, we've got a powerhouse collective including Lee Whitwell, Corrine Carr, Vivienne David, and Anna Bright.

As for the men, the crew is no less impressive, with Altaf Merchant, Rick Witsken, Matt Manasse, and Ryan Sherry.

The Fine Print

Rally Scoring in Games to 21 (Side out scoring when one team gets to 20)

Dreambreakers (Ties between the two teams after 4 games go to a singles tiebreaker like MLP) $10 per point won

$100 per game won

$1,000 per player on winning team

Check out this event and more amazing upcoming events, live streamed for your pleasure — as part of the Dream Team Series every Tuesday night.


Innovate the Game. Unify the Sport.

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