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DUPR Predicts - PPA Ororo Minnesota Indoor Open & APP Punta Gorda Open

Hey Pickleballers!

Tournament season is in full swing, and we'll be bringing you weekly winner predictions for every Pro tournament across the globe.

This weekend is a packed one, with two tournaments occurring simultaneously - the PPA Ororo Minnesota Indoor Open and the APP Punta Gorda Open.

A few notable details... least two players are traveling to Minnesota for singles and then back to Florida for singles on Sunday. (Only one made our top 6 picks). Now that's dedication, Ryan Sherry and Frank Anthony Davis.

...Dekel Bar (APP) and Ben Johns (PPA) both opted out of singles this week.

...Alix Truong made our Top 100-18 & Under List. Good luck to all our rising stars.

Who are you rooting for?

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