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DUPR Predicts - APP Plantation Open

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Hey Pickleball Fam,

The APP Tour's Florida swing continues this weekend from the city of Plantation. With last week's gold medalists Dekel Bar and Vivienne David sitting this one out, who will beat the top rated team, Dylan Frazier (6.568) and Simone Jardim (5.886). Could it be first time partners Zane Navratil (6.490) and Jackie Kawamoto (5.757)? We shall see! And don't forget about Florida residents JW Johnson (6.607) and Lee Whitwell (5.592). Two forehands in the middle makes a great pairing for pickle.

In the Senior Mixed Pro bracket, we see last week's gold medalist, Scott Crandall, opting out and thus, Kim Kesner (5.202) playing with Rick Witsken (5.568) as our 3rd seed. Just like in our Pro Mixed bracket, last week's Silver Medalists (Scott Moore (5.585) and Eva Welsher (5.281)) are taking the top spot on our list. Will Kesner have the golden paddle with a new partner? Mircea Morariu (5.567) and Julie Johnson (5.250) will have something to say about that.

Good luck to all our competitors and may there be many a third game tiebreak.

We'll be updating this list as the weekend progresses with winner predictions by bracket. Stay tuned and let us know who you're rooting for on social. @duprpb

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