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DUPR Full Field - Tournament of Champions - Brigham City, Utah

Did you play the John A. Gullo PPA Tournament of Champions at Rees Pioneer Park this week? Here's everyone in the event and their DUPR sorted by Bracket entered.

See your name on the list, but haven't downloaded the app yet? Claim your profile today. See your name on the list without a rating? You may need a merge profile or to post a score.


See the full list of amateur players below. Who's the top rated Team DUPR in your bracket? Note: All fields in yellow with italicized number have only a provisional* DUPR, green signifies a reliable DUPR.

Your DUPR becomes reliable based on your connectivity to other players in the DUPR system and the recency of your results. You may have many results and ample connectivity, but very low recency (indicated by a half-life less than 3.0), which would downgrade your rating to "Provisional" status. Conversely, you may have many recent matches but poor connectivity to other DUPR rated players, which would also lead to a Provisional status.


Click each > to expand the selection below:

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