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DUPR Collegiate Individual National Championship - Recap

On April 14-16, 2023 DUPR held their Collegiate Individual National Championship at the Life Time Fort Worth-Alliance facility in Fort Worth, Texas. In total, there were 73 players and 20 universities represented during the event that competed for $22,000 in scholarship money.

The University of Virginia brought the highest number of participants with 18 students representing the University's Cavaliers.

The purpose for DUPR starting the Collegiate Individual National Championship this year was to recognize the most talented college players in pickleball, regardless of the university they attend. Any college student taking a minimum of 6 college credits is eligible to participate in this league. For players, the goal is to secure a spot for themselves in the Collegiate Team National Championship which will take place in November later this year.

Throughout the weekend, some of pickleball’s most talented up and coming players competed in Gender Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Men and Womens Singles. The Collegiate Individual Nationship Championship league is the only tournament through DUPR with a singles event.

Each player is guaranteed 5 matches per event, utilizing the rally scoring format. For each perspective event, the scholarship payouts were as followed:

$2,000 Winner

$800 Runner-Up

$400 Semifinalists

$200 Quarterfinalists

In addition to this, the winner(s) of each event earned a bid for their school to compete in the year-end championship in November.

Recent PPA Pro Singles Silver Medalist and University of North Carolina student, Collin Shick had all eyes on him this weekend, and rightfully so, pulling off a 27-0 record for the weekend and earning him the triple crown in all three events. Dylan Ciampini, another rising star in pickleball hailing from Utah Tech University, won women’s singles and doubles.

Below are the results for the finals of each event:

Men’s Singles

Winner: Collin Shick (University of North Carolina)

Runner-Up: Martin Michelsen (University of Florida)

Women’s Singles

Winner: Dylan Ciampini (Utah Tech University)

Runner-Up: Caitlin Lewis (University of North Carolina)

Men’s Doubles

Winner: Collin Shick & Hunter Boyd (University of North Carolina)

Runner-Up: Christopher Crouch & Django Chassang (University of Flordia)

Women’s Doubles

Winner: Dylan Ciampini & Katelyn Nadauld (Utah Tech University)

Runner-Up: Taylor Crabtree & Lillian Vandixhorn (Texas Christian University)

Mixed Doubles

Winner: Collin Shick & Sarah Carpenter (University of North Carolina)

Runner-Up: Jared Brungard & Dylan Ciampini (Utah Tech University)

The following Universities were represented during the event with the amount of players representing the colleges and universities in parenthesis:

  • Boise State University (2)

  • Carnegie Mellon University (1)

  • Collin College (2)

  • University of Colorado at Boulder (3)

  • Florida State University (1)

  • Grand Canyon University (2)

  • University of Oklahoma (2)

  • Ohio State University (2)

  • Tarrant County College (1)

  • Texas Christian University (6)

  • Texas Woman's University (2)

  • University of Florida (8)

  • University of North Carolina (4)

  • Utah State University (2)

  • Utah Tech University (7)

  • University of Virginia (18)

  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (4)

  • Virginia Tech University (4)

  • University of Washington (1)

We would like to thank our event sponsors: Gamma Pickleball, OOFOS, and Cirkul who provided our players with bucket hats and water bottles. Additionally, we’d also like to thank the LifeTime Fort-Worth Star Alliance facility for hosting the event and providing an excellent experience for all participants.

If you are interested in getting involved with DUPR Collegiate Pickleball, please e-mail us at

Be sure to follow us on social media as well to stay up-to-date for all future Collegiate events.

Written By: Sydney Steinaker - Executive Assistant

Edited By: Kevin Brown - Marketing Operations Manager


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