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DUPR Brings Back Three Decimal Places To Improve Player Rating Accuracy

DUPR is committed to providing the highest quality experience to pickleball players across the globe, which entails improving our algorithm to enhance accuracy and player satisfaction.

After listening to our community and gathering in-depth player feedback, we are proud to reintroduce 3 decimal places to all player ratings! Our main mission at DUPR is to create fairness in player ratings across the board. The three decimals enhancement allows for additional precision and helps to differentiate and rank players more accurately.

Benefits of the Change

  • Clearer Rating Differentiation: With the addition of three decimal places, you can now track even the most minute changes in your ratings.

  • Improved Transparency: You can now see the exact impact of each match, down to the third decimal place, eliminating any ambiguity.

  • Enhanced Competitive Spirit: Get motivated to move up in the rankings by tracking your detailed performance.

The Need for Precision

There’s nothing more stimulating than playing competitively and tracking your progress. Previously, many players had almost identical ratings, leading to the need for additional clarity. Having a rating rounded to 3 decimal places drastically increases the likelihood that you can set yourself apart from your opponent with your unique rating.

Addressing User Feedback

At DUPR, we take user feedback seriously as it provides valuable insight into the experience of players. The feedback we've received in recent months has come from various sources, including in-person conversations, social media, emails, and our support channel. The three decimals enhancement addresses user concerns about matches that seemingly had little to no impact on ratings. What are your thoughts on the new changes? Let us know via email or social media. We encourage and appreciate all feedback as we continue to perfect our algorithm.

For more information on DUPR, visit our official website and follow us on Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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