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Celebrating DUPR's Impact at the English Open: Elevating Pickleball's Growth in Europe

Updated: Aug 16

DUPR Staff at the 2023 English Open

In a monumental stride for pickleball enthusiasts across Europe, the recent English Open witnessed the remarkable influence of DUPR. The event unfolded as a pivotal platform for pickleball's growth on the continent, and DUPR couldn't be prouder to be a part of it.

DUPR's presence at the English Open was a testament to its status as the world's most accurate rating system. With an unwavering commitment to user input, transparency and precision, DUPR showcased its undeniable role in shaping the global future of the sport.

Not only did it educate existing players and clubs about the nuances of its rating system, but it also warmly embraced newcomers to the pickleball community, introducing them to the intricacies of accurate player ratings.

Alvaro Menendez, Senior Product Manager of DUPR, describes the event as the "Best European pickleball event so far!"

The English Open brought into focus the pivotal role that rating systems play in fostering fair competition and enhancing player experience. The event marked a watershed moment for both the sport and DUPR, by highlighting the importance of relying on an accurate rating system for the broader growth of pickleball on a worldwide scale.

"I was thrilled to see the massive number of athletes playing at such an elevated level at the English Open in Telford. Even more exciting was confirming that what we largely consider 4.5 DUPR level of play in The United States was right on par with 4.5 level play in Britain," said Dave McCune, Director of Activation.

As the crowd's cheers during the English Open continue to reverberate, it is abundantly clear that DUPR's positive influence has left its mark on the pickleball landscape in Europe. The event represents a gateway to an exciting future - one where precision, transparency, and the passion for pickleball converge to elevate the sport to new heights.

Recap provided by: Ryan Maher, Head of Commercial at DUPR

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