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APP SoCal Classic Results & Insights

We showed you every player with a DUPR, now let's see how they did.

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A few insights from our results...

...only 3 gold medalists played below their level and all of them were in 5.0 brackets

...26 Gold Medalists were over .40 above their bracket entered

...13 Silver Medalists were over .40 40 above their bracket entered

...6 Bronze Medalists were over .40 above their bracket entered

...big congrats to Craig Belinsky and Richard Robinson, our Gold medalists in 4.5 65+ with an average DUPR of 4.55. They have the lowest DUPR differential of just .05 for a Gold Medalist outside of the 5.0 brackets.


Sorted by Bracket

Sorted by Gold Medalist Differential


Play the DUPR Waterfall - August 5-7 in Newport Beach, CA

(Running concurrent to MLP 2022 Newport Beach)

$100k Amateur Prize Pool

4 Matches in 4 Hours - No waiting around

Welcome to the Future of Pickleball


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