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Travel Stipend

The stipend is available to the first 100 schools that meet the Stage 1 requirements and have let us know that they meet the requirements. Submit this form once you have met either the Stage 1 or 2 requirements.

Stage 1 Requirements ($600)

  • DUPR Digital Club fully set up (with photo and description)

  • 10 provisionally or fully rated players in your school's DUPR Digital Club

  • School is signed up for the Team Bracket in a Regional - a full team of 4 is registered in your club's bracket

Stage 2 Requirements ($400)

  • Meet all of the Stage 1 requirements

  • Run a tournament with your DUPR Digital Club in 2023 with a minimum $10 entry fee

  • Play against another university outside of the DUPR events in 2023


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