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Travel Stipend

The stipend is available to the first 100 schools that meet the Stage 1 requirements and have let us know that they meet the requirements. Submit this form once you have met either the Stage 1 or 2 requirements.

Stage 1 Requirements ($600)

  • DUPR Digital Club fully set up (with photo and description)

  • 10 provisionally or fully rated players in your school's DUPR Digital Club

  • School is signed up for the Team Bracket in a Regional - a full team of 4 is registered in your club's bracket

Stage 2 Requirements ($400)

  • Meet all of the Stage 1 requirements

  • Run a tournament with your DUPR Digital Club in 2023 with a minimum $10 entry fee

  • Play against another university outside of the DUPR events in 2023

Club Guide

We have created an extensive guide that outlines the process of growing and developing your club. Here is the link.

2023 Rulebook

The DUPR Collegiate Pickleball Rulebook for 2023 outlines the rules and guidelines we use when running our events and programs. Here is the link to the rules.

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